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The book being recommended is ``IT'S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game'' by Bob Pape. It may be found here.

This book is different from previous recommendations as it is an autobiography. It covers the story of the writer as he delves in to the world of computing, learns his first programming languages, writes his first softwares, and eventually becomes a paid game developer for the ZX Spectrum home computer, starting with porting ``Rampage'' and then focusing on his ``R-Type'' port, which is the subject of most of the book. The work has a fair amount of technical details that will sate the curious who wonder how to develop games on older home computers, but this is largely a work describing the what instead of the how of game development, along with the bureaucracy and scheming involved.

It is a very interesting look into the world of home computer game development from decades passed and is sure to interest anyone wondering what things were like in that time and also shock them with the nature of the practices then found to be commonplace. A main criticism of the book is its typesetting regarding word spacing and hyphenation, which can become distracting during the reading, but is not necessarily egregious. This is not a particularly long book, so it is best suited to light reading during a vacation or over a weekend.

This is a screenshot of the R-Type game written by the author, from his website.  As this is a review and this image freely available, this constitutes fair use.