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As this writing is a collection of my ideas that have not been written down before now, this page will be gradually updated and refined whenever I recall more and more of my ideas concerning the topic and feel the want. In particular, I will update this page after I write a suitable Finger server.

This is a simple notice that I now have a Finger server running under this domain. I'm compelled to make a log of lesser formality and whatnot and find Finger far preferable to GNU Social or other such things.

The source code for the current program implementing this Finger server largely mirrors my Gopher hole. For similar reasons, I don't have a good Finger server implementation, merely a suitable one for the present.

Unlike the Gopher server, I may cease this Finger service if I find a better solution or learn enough to consider my current usage abuse of the protocol more than anything. I currently believe this is fine, however.