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Originally, I was content to lack a comment system, as I figured I could simply discuss my articles and whatnot elsewhere; it would also spread my articles around to more people. I've learned something interesting over time, however, which is that I figure many of the people reading these articles of mine wouldn't be using the chosen venues I only begrudgingly use and those actually using these venues are generally entirely uninterested in anything I have to write. The entire experience has disgusted and disappointed me.

To address this issue and collect some thoughts on my work, I've instituted a comments system. The current mechanism is simple and not automated: If you'd want to give your thoughts on any writings of mine, send an email to; the Subject field should contain the proper date and, if you care to, the protocol (WWW, Gopher, Finger) that you read it from, which may be necessary for the last protocol if there are ambiguous dates. In the first line of the message, feel free to give metadata such as if you want the name associated with the email attached to the comment.

I won't publish emails, but you wouldn't need a valid return address anyway. I will oversee all comments before they become available and moderate them using my discretion. This comprises a simple and protocol-agnostic comment system, I believe.