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This is a page for comics I'll be creating and then publishing, typically involving computing and related topics, in much the same way as my jokes page. I've wanted to hone my visual art skills for several years, but have neglected them consistently. Still, seeing other Internet comics has helped inspire me to release my art anyway, and I believe I may slowly improve.

I still have no acceptable art environment available, needing to install Krita, but here is a drawing made with Gimp depicting my rendition of an anthropomorphized C language:

This is an anthropormorphic drawing of the C language composed entirely out of such a letter.

This captures the essence of C; it's beautiful simplicity in the same way the UNIX pipe is; if you think there's a better, simpler method to drawing a face, you probably don't like UNIX, either.

A four-panel comic that I've already drawn will be coming soon.