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This article will be gradually updated and refined whenever I notice some new aspect of the hardware worth noting, or such is requested of me, and feel the want.

This is the top of my Lemote Yeeloong with a GNU sticker.

At some time in the year 2012 or 2013 or perhaps 2011, I bought a Lemote Yeeloong from an importer. It has been a pleasant machine in the sense it provides a reprieve from the common architectures and runs (almost) entirely on Free Software and so instills a sense of security a more common machine is incapable of providing. The model I own is known as ``YEELOONG 8089_D'' and features a ten gigabyte solid-state disk as its main storage. I also choose this model for lacking a camera and featuring a smaller screen at the same resolution as other models. It is a pleasant machine and I currently use it primarily for menial tasks, such as IRC; I run OpenBSD on it, as this is the only system software for it that is still maintained; it works reasonably well. My main complaint is a dearth of certain software, such as compilers for languages I'm fond of, but as I don't currently do much programming with the machine, this is of little particular issue.

This is the bottom of my Lemote Yeeloong with its labels.

The keyboard is a tad cramped, lacking a right-hand control key and requiring an ``Fn'' key be used for common special keys. The trackpad could be better, mostly concerning the cramped layout, and it scrolls by holding a position on the right side. The first and second mouse buttons are those left and right buttons, respectively, whereas the third is difficult to use, requiring both be pressed in unison; the trackpad features a tap key which corresponds to the first mouse button; this is perhaps easily configured, but I've never bothered to do so. The battery's weak and I often have the device plugged in to avoid it failing due to insufficient power.

This is the segment of my Lemote Yeeloong with its keyboard and trackpad.

I intend for the next targeting of my Meta-Machine Code tool to target MIPS purely due to my owning this machine and I will also write any fundamental software, such as any compilers of mine, to suit MIPS first, in part to make it easier for me to use it for programming. I expect, at some point, to assemble an ergodox keyboard I bought years back and to use it with this machine, after which point I'll find it much more ergonomical.

This is the left side of my Lemote Yeeloong, with its ports.This is the right side of my Lemote Yeeloong, with its ports.

If you would care for me to discuss or photograph any more details of this machine in this article, then make me aware of it.

This is a full view of my Lemote Yeeloong.