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I don't care to write articles about things that bother me, for the most part. I don't want to look upon the prime listing of my Gopher hole or website and be reminded of something that would leave me displeased or saddened. However, some rather recent events have left me feeling as if I weren't far from vomiting, at first, and I'm compelled to collect my thoughts in this article. In any case, the nondescript name of this article is now apparent.

Yesterday, 2019-09-16, Richard Stallman resigned from his position at MIT and, more importantly, his position as president of the Free Software Foundation. The circumstances of this are disgusting and I'm utterly sickened by them. All he did was make some clarifications concerning some language used to describe controversial events involving MIT, but that won't be the focus of this article. That's what led to the character assassination (I dislike the term.) ultimately resulting from a histrionic women decrying him and prompting the undeserved outrage against him.

I believe I'm correct when I write this woman is a stupid cunt, to put it rather well, and that this is a clear hostile take over of the FSF and an attack against the Free Software movement, wanting to have its members scattered and unable to effectively oppose corporations which despise Free Software and copyleft and seek to stomp out anyone in their way. I've even read another idiot, participating in this drivel, who argued that corporations wouldn't be attacking a prime opponent and only the now should be considered when judging this event, not the years passed. This is obviously subversive in favor of the corporations that only recently decided they like ``open source'', homosexuals, and yet more currently convenient such things; I don't believe they're going to be so kind when they feel no need any longer and this should be obvious.

I once thought that RMS would die before the FSF needed a new president. I feel the fringes of this society I live in are continually being eroded and that this will surely and eventually implode upon itself, right? If someone such as he isn't safe from the mob, how would any lesser-known individual be? I've had pleasant conversations with him before and I dread what's yet to come.

I make a point to use the GNU Affero General Public License version three for much of my software; I occasionally use the Creative Commons zero license, when the program is all of trivial, brief, and I don't care of the usage due to those two qualities. I don't use the ``or any later version'', and I feel justified by these recent events; I won't accept a license I've not seen and I won't be shocked if any later GPL goes against the spirit of previous versions. I wonder if the new FSF president is going to be more corporate-friendly, conveniently. I encourage anyone else concerned about licenses to similarly use the AGPLv3 without the later versions fragment.

I'm planning for my 2020-01-01 article to sum up my thoughts about this terrible decade and now I've even more to bemoan and complain of in it.