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The CL-GOPHER Common Lisp library was created to serve my want to have a Gopher client which I could use in the Common Lisp REPL so that I would have my own quite unique client for skulking around port eighty, and also to serve as a good first step in writing additional network clients. Any good name I've thought of revolves around the Gopher hole server, leading to this simple name.

This library is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version three.

Common Lisp provides no standard way to create or otherwise use network connections including TCP/IP and so this library makes no requests, but processes data collected from the network. Also featured is a function to properly send Gopher requests. This library is quite brief and includes a means to parse a Gopher menu into a structured format; I expect to add more functionality as I continue using it. Unfortunately, writing a network client that is separated from its communicating structures can be an unnatural separation and I'll be experimenting with other approaches, as I write more clients.

Here is the source and the documentation. Here is the license.