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Copyright ostensibly exists for similar reasons to patents, that is to encourage creative endeavours among the population. The reality is of course exactly opposed to this, worsened by the illegal and unreasonable extension of copyright terms to far past a human lifespan. As a creative individual, I despise copyright and would prefer it be abolished; those disadvantages of lacking copyleft are made less severe by then simply being able to take and redistribute source code someone would prefer stay private, with the actual obtaining still likely being illegal, but irrelevant.

By the term ``copyright ghettos'', I refer to the common phenomena of a corporation laying claims to any and everything it comes into contact with; this is a disgusting practice which seeks to distance citizens from each other and further empower the corporation. Copyright is implicit in many acts of creation and these corporations successfully siphon up an unjust amount of licenses to such, and yet the normal citizenry finds issues in cooperation; the normal citizens are collected into a ghetto in which they are separated and the corporation finds a seemingly endless set of licenses with which it may employ as it pleases. This phenomena alone is more than enough to dispell the idea of copyright empowering the average citizen and creator against those who would infringe on it. If one finds his copyright infringed by such corporations, even after avoiding this nonsense, there's little recourse for correction.

The nonsense reminds me of the wife of that Romanian dictator Ceausescu, Elena, and how she received placement on the authors list of scientific papers she'd had naught to do with; it's entirely within possibility we may someday see people close to these parasitic corporations given attribution to the work of others' in a similar way. Corporations already use such collected licenses in advertisement material and treat this as perfectly just.

I wonder if this future holds ever greater expansion of copyright ghettos. I wonder if even beneign use of corporate services, such as riding a bus, will carry with it a license grant to the copyright held by the user. It's interesting, when capitalism and communism inevitably reach similar results.