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Sloth and apathy are often derided as negative, somber, and so undesirable characteristics, akin for hatred and sadness. I disagree with the thought these traits are such one should work to slough off and avoid. A simple method to do so is to provide examples, and so I'll collect them herein as they come to me.

I was once offered ownership of the VERISIMILITUDES.COM domain in an email, with the explanation I'd be contacted only once and was free to ignore it. I was interested in the offer, expecting to lower the price beforehand, but my sloth had me decide it could wait until later. I shortly received more such emails, at that point recognizing it as an attempted scam. Now, I would've probably recognized this in any case, but my sloth made it effortless, which suits it just fine.

I avoided falling to the plague of social media and like nonsense years ago, due to my apathy. I've avoided several such social sicknesses through this passive pleasantry. People now bemoan and curse this nonsense, and yet I was never ensnared to begin with. It's also somewhat for this simple means I've avoided owning a telephone.

Sloth mixed with apathy also permits finding good solutions to conventional problems, in seeking the avoidance of work to avoid something bothersome. A project one wants to work towards, but which one is too lazy to do on a good schedule, creates a fertile environment for thinking which minimizes the work necessary.

I call myself apathetic, as it's the truth, and slothful, mimicking humbleness, but neither of these are characteristics which have particularly mistreated me.