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There's no dearth of things wrong with this world, if one merely looks for examples. In looking for things to dislike one day, I decided I vehemently disliked ``cards'', commonly purchased and sent to others for special occasions. There's no purpose to them, and they turn another form of interaction into a commodity. Businesses have successfully convinced normal people that it's good to purchase a card for such occasions, and that their loved ones must actually be distant if this isn't done. The profit margin on cheap paper mixed with glitter and a terrible design must be fairly good, I figure.

Having realized this, I've not since felt any compulsion to purchase such cards, and I advise others against sending any to me. It's far more memorable when one does something special, instead; on one occasion, a ``happy birthday'' message was set out to me in freshly-baked pumpkin seeds, misspelled, and I still recall this well, while not much recalling any cards I've ever received, nor so vividly.

There are many other objects for ire, and one may easily find more, by observing what's unnecessary.