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With last year, on this same date, I collected my thoughts on a stupid and unrealistic philosophical question. Being without suitable topic presently, I've decided I'll do something similar yet again.

There's a persistent issue regarding the hijacking of empathy in the world, meaning that others will make obviously absurd claims of helping an undefined other in an attempt to influence behaviour. An example of this is pushing for encryption on the Internet, no matter how pointless. I'm told of how I put others in danger by serving my website without encryption. This is no less than manipulation.

I find it wrong not to aid mine in-group, such as passing by a dying man sufficiently similar to me, but what's meant by this manipulation is an even heavier form of passivity; were I able to kill one, whom I don't even know exists, by doing nothing, why wouldn't I? This is more akin to a superpower.

These appeals to empathy tend to be one-way, as well. I'm expected to go to lengths to help others, whereas this nebulous other is expected to do absolutely naught to help itself; I emphasize how much of society is for the individual to make sacrifices for the gestalt, but it's clear this isn't such.

If I can kill a man by vomiting unencrypted messages, I want him to die, and I'd like to know of it.

I refuse to feign concern.