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That year has made clear to me there are topics made boring not strictly by their nature, but by the bog of the demos having perhaps every possible opinion on them; if I be unqualified, mine opinion is worthless, yet when it's not even novel it's also boring, and I refuse to write of such poor topics. I support not even acknowledging that which is unpleasant. A chess club needs no cannibalism rules.

I exercised more days that year than not, and intend to continue with this trend; it's more pleasant simply to move, as one becomes stronger. I've a set of daily goals I've become increasingly good at meeting, but with it comes a diminishing sense of achievement, requiring greater feats to feel such. As with last year, the only reasonable response to this is to always aim for improvement unto death.

I've continued restricting my diet, avoiding sugar and plastics more than previously. Each time I'd eaten from a restaraunt, and much of when I'd partaken of snacks, were due to another persuading me.

I wrote fifty-eight articles with that year, more than once weekly, and should be able to surpass it again this year. I wonder in which year will I fail to write more than I'd written that prior year. I sought to avoid writing so much in the final two months of the year, as with last year, but did so even moreso. With this next year, I want to have a smoother average of five articles in each month.

Realizing I was going to slowly asphyxiate underneath my works, were I to continually refine them, I decided to begin writing finalized versions of most of mine articles. I started with those of 2017, and have made good progress in this. I expect to write every article I've published at least twice.

With last year, I released a reimplementation of my Meta-Machine Code design targeted at CHIP-8, and shortly thereafter corrected a flaw leaving me disconcerted and sickened by its insufficient design. I then pursued a better, higher-level internal representation, with a Little Man Computer targeting. I very much want to continue refining this design, alongside targeting other machines, such as 6502. With this next year, I want to truly begin on mine Elision machine text design in a similar fashion. I'm pleased with how some of my very nice work done this year is but connected to another sobriquet.

I received no commissions last year, and an offer of some Common Lisp work for bitcoin fell through.

I largely target pleasant dates to release mine articles, but this has led me to physical illness at times, so I'm going to try to relax that with this year. In targeting these, I've sometimes written largely to have something for a certain date, but I've avoided writing anything I consider not worth having been written. I'm pleased with how some of my work written for such a purpose has been quite well received. I'm displeased with my ratio of work purely technical to lesser work decreasing over the years, from roughly half to about one third, but pleased with the absolute amounts being larger.

With last year, I've largely avoided mentioning my works on channels dedicated to aggregation. This predictably resulted in fewer readers than in 2019, but the times I saw my work mentioned without my having any involvement became all the more pleasant; I received five comments from others this year.

It occurred to me, reflecting on my last reflecting, that I failed to mention those negro riots that had taken place, but recalling preceding decades and this year reveals how some things don't change.

As those who read from my Gopher hole will know, my writing is constrained, and the year only led to heavier constraints being imposed. For a time I wondered what the next constraint would be, and I'm now speaking and writing archaic English. As I've advanced mine English, I enjoy communicating with other people less; I can no longer read much of anything without noticing errors, even modern errors such as improperly using verbs as adverbs, and this is an irreversible progression. I want to write books and other such things, and will choose different constraints for such, but every word I write, and every thought I think, is fitted to an increasingly refined mould. I've acknowledged I can only end this by finally dedicating my time to learning a new language, rather than increasingly refining my primary, and I'd like to resume my Latin studies and begin translating my work thereto within the year. I wonder if I'll even be able to continue with the constraints I write under now, with Latin.

I learned toki pona, but it's such an imprecise language I grapple with using it satisfactorily, and I've still not completely memorized it, knowing this isn't how people learn a language anyway; I may find myself using it, beyond language modelling, but I don't think I'll translate my work thereunto.

An obvious advantage of writing with such constraints is how I now need little effort to rewrite any thought fulfilling any constraints; as I write so heavily, this will undoubtedly serve me throughout my life. I prefer to liken my chosen constraints to those of certain poetic structures, requiring I meet them, and allowing them progressively lesser influence over time. Perhaps others should do so.

I could cite the events of this year as showing how democracy is a poor form of government, but each year holds such, without exception. I find it amusing to see people who defend protecting computers from their purchasers, and yet also believe voting machines being inspectable is so truly important. If one denies men autonomy in such respects, one can't reasonably believe in democracy. That common retort to other forms of government is ``What if the leaders be bad?'', which is a veiled attempt to describe democracy as being free of such illness, when this clearly isn't so. What if the media, or the other businesses be bad, or what if all candidates or all issues for voting be bad? It's rather clear no form of government is immune to this issue, but only democracy has this blindness about it.

I've had success with automating menial tasks this year, to more effectively use my time, such as by using an RSS reader and configuring software to assuage major and minor inconveniences. The subject may warrant an article at a later point. Removing drudgery and automating is the machine's purpose. The positive effects of improving a configuration shouldn't be understated. Configuring specialized clients, along with solving and eliminating issues, can make a machine so much more pleasant to use.

I'll try to make an effort to add to this article as I figure more, unlike with that from last year.