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While vague, I usually find value in organizing certain topics in one-dimensional ways, and notice I tend towards one extreme. I find that oh so often there be little or no value in the midway points.

Beginning with programming, I enjoy writing machine code, and I enjoy automating my programming with very high-level languages. There are many programming languages that meet specialized requirements, and there are many which offer nothing special. In terms of automating my programming, there's then no reason to use most languages; only a fool would think automating some programming is fine and yet claim some programming shouldn't be automated. The middle languages, above writing machine code and below those which enable special methods or metaprogramming, have little good reason for being used.

When licensing my programs, I only use either the GNU Affero General Public License version three or the Creative Commons Zero Public Domain Dedication; a program is either large or important enough to warrant protecting it and requiring copyleft, or so small or insignificant that I don't care and let whatever may befall it happen. There's no value in the middle positions, beyond trying to influence others in indirect ways, which I rarely want for. The middle positions achieve nothing significant.

Politics is often treated as one-dimensional, yet not along any meaningful dimension. On that topic of illegal substances, it's pathetic that a health argument is used against drugs, and not unhealthy food, which is so similar; a government should either criminalize all vice or none. A freedom which isn't total isn't usually a freedom. On freedom of speech in online forums, I find it more vital to have clear and consistent rules rather than none. Degenerate ways shouldn't be selectively allowed.

Regarding that way I write and speak, I yearn for absolute correctness, and refuse any compromising. To abandon a language's rules is to invite subversive meaninglessness. I'd kill over my conviction.

There are positions I hold which could be seen as middling, in some ways; I'd counter not in others.

It occurs to me there are too many examples I could use, and so I cease for now.