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As with that penultimate day of the last year, and that before last, I write another piece regarding a philosophical topic which I intend to act as a rebuttal of bad thinking from diseased minds. This article is concerned with those who would seek to disarm our natural suspicions of new technologies.

I've seen discussions regarding teleportation technology, and how it would effectively kill and then revive its users to achieve its effect; I've also read serious arguments about how this is perfectly fine, because sleep is an interruption of consciousness, and so sleep be equivalent to such a death.

Only malice or idiocy could cause a man to seriously hold such a thought. All men must either sleep or die horrible deaths; sleep is necessary to live, although I'd prefer it be otherwise. Therefore, sleep has no influence on such an artificial scenario; to equate a natural and required process with artifice so is an obscenity. A fool would call this an appeal to nature, but it isn't necessarily a fallacy. I can't help but sleep, and I can't currently help but avoid teleportation; even were this latter option available, it would deserve intense scrutiny. I can imagine a creature, which be able to teleport naturally and never sleeps, for which the inverse question be posed, but it matters not.

One of the only defenses mankind has against new technology is the world its forefathers knew. This is the measure against which all progress can and must be compared, for this is perhaps the only way mankind may prevent intelligent idiots from damning all to a world worse off for the new technology.