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With my work on Elision, I've struggled with the bounds of the task regarding English, and ignorance regarding Latin. I've toyed with the toki pona constructed language before; I keep returning to it.

William Whitaker's Words is a Latin language program that provides information on the words that are given to it. I realized I could very easily write such a program, by reorganizing the components of an Elision system, getting it for very little additional effort. It could be named Verisimilitude's Words, Words of Verisimilitude, or preferably VOCĀBVLA VĒRĪSIMILITŪDINIS. I quite like such a name.

However, I know nearly not enough Latin to begin any such modelling, I do know, thus I've decided to write a toy version for a toy language; it's named lon nimi, for this is my best translation so far.

There are versions for the WWW and UDP. For the latter, I've even provided a tool to make accessing it easier. The UDP interface accepts questions no greater in length than sixteen octets; it answers with forty-eight octets in the case of a valid word, and far fewer, otherwise, however in toki pona; the response is composed of two fields, word and description, left and right justified respectively.

The UDP service is on port 2001, the year the language was created.

This article is an explanation of this set of tiny programs and future work in more detail.

I do provide word and description lists, but they're not total; try to find the words missing there.

Here are the UDP server, the UDP client, the list of words, and the list of descriptions.