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As I've done for the last three years, I use the first day of the new year to reflect on the last; I found 2022 to be almost wasteful; I finished little work that I could present and also wrote little.

Learning Latin has continued to be one of the only actions which pleases me. I made progress of not quite one chapter per month through my book, although I wouldn't call such a rate miserable, and I'd bought the Oxford Latin Dictionary (OLD) early in the year; so, my slow rate was in-part caused by a deep reflection on my learning, and also learning in-depth at random from that dictionary. Thoughts of teaching a machine the shapes and relationships of Latin words has greatly helped my learning and memorizing; however, I now know it to be far more difficult to put to use this incomplete knowledge.

I wrote the least I've written in four years, and some months had but a review in them. I certainly must read more with this next year. My goal had been five articles for each month, and I maintained not even three. It pains me to review what I wrote exactly one year ago, to see the same issue of a dependency backlog preventing me from releasing new work. It's clear I should again change my work.

An acquaintance designed a protocol, called Pest, in which I've taken an interest.

I'll shelve my language modelling work for now, and instead work on implementing this protocol. The required pieces are already scattered about my workspace. I'd be best off with funding for my work, and at least one helper, but I know that won't come to me; it also occurred to me that pursuing some idea of someone else could do for me some good, however; I would never design something like it, but that's good for staving off stagnation and the like. I do have some more toy programs which I'll be releasing soon enough, but will otherwise pursue Pest until that time I've a working implementation.

I've struggled with typing pains, and have now beaten them. A better keyboard, ergonomic stool, and nicer desk were all that were needed, along with typing less. Using a completion system destroys my blindly touch-typing, but is otherwise invaluable. I've still yet to add voice recognition software to my system, so perhaps I'll finally do so this year. I also intend to purchase a foot pedal soon.

I feel myself to be on the cusp of many new developments in my work, so close to crossing a rubicon. I see no shame in having so much unfinished work; I need merely continue to act and I'll soon finish it; the glorious sights are only in the distance, and by combining my skills I'll reach them sooner.

Against all common sense, I still get the impression this coming year will be better than that last.