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I wanted by now to have a basic Latin-to-English word translation service available, but it was more work than I'd expected. Still, I've given a great deal of thought to the design of an extended such service which would then translate entire sentences, and manipulate them to allow a simpler approach to work well. Latin lacks the indefinite and definite articles, and it would be bothersome to write (a/an/the) before many or all nouns, so I've made a shorthand symbol for the trio which now follows.

This symbol was designed by overlapping ``an'' and ``the'' and then simplifying the resulting glyph.

I provide a hand-drawn vector graphic; hand-drawn raster graphic; and, as I had difficulty writing a similarly-curved vector graphic by-hand, I also provide a sharper version of the same. I would like to have a font with my symbol available, at some later time, so that it may be used most seamlessly.