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My reading continues to be at a pace too slow for monthly reviews. Rather than review another video game, I had an idea to start reviewing music albums, and I like the idea enough to carry on with it.

I find most of the music I enjoy at random on Bandcamp. I begin by reviewing the first album of one of my favourite bands, Mystery Skulls, whose website URL is this.

Their first album is titled simply ``EP'' and holds five songs. What follows are the track names in mine ordering from favourite to least preferred, listed alongside their durations and track numbers:

      Money 3:38 2
> You 2:55 3
> Brainsick 2:49 5
= Amazing 3:25 1
> Beautiful 3:13 4

That first track, Amazing, is a song about the amazing beauty of a woman who's seen by the singer, I believe. Some of the lyrics are rather difficult to hear properly in many of these songs. My first impression was to believe this song to be split into three or four distinct segments, but I realized it to maintain a constant beat throughout distinguished by additional instruments and the chorus and whatnot. The first minute slowly transitions into the full beat, followed by the chorus, with times of no lyrics between the transitions. The theme and lyrics are part of why this isn't my favourite.

My favourite track, Money, is a song about living a carefree lifestyle and seizing the day. Most of the song is one simple and consistent beat, occasionally broken or augmented. The song's simplicity has it difficult to describe in detail. Regardless, it's still one of my favourite songs from them.

The third track, You, is alike to that second track, Money, but more complex. The song can be split into two main beats, with one as the chorus. Again, the song is an expression of romantic desire by the singer towards a woman. That first beat uses a wavy instrument, and its absence and replacement by another is the prime distinguisher between it and the chorus; everything but the chorus is vague.

The fourth track, Beautiful, is similar in theme to the first track, Amazing. This track is between the second and third, Money and You, in terms of complexity. A more appropriate name for this track would be Love, but I see why that wasn't chosen; this song seems to use a chorus more often than the others. Now, there's nothing wrong with the song, but it's still my least liked track, nonetheless.

The fifth track, Brainsick, is a song about uncertainty, confusion, and death. The song maintains a lone beat throughout, broken thrice and then some near the end. This song may be the least complex.

Before I reviewed this album, I'd somehow overlooked how many of these songs are about women. Later albums have less focus on such, I believe. Mystery Skulls is a nice band, and it has official music videos that are rather impressive animations, albeit with ridiculously complicated plots for stories with almost no dialogue; those music videos will be covered when I review an album with those songs.

The next Mystery Skulls album I review will be Forever, which I believe to be the band's best album.